Touch therapy during pregnancy

Your muscles will certainly appreciate a massage when they’ve been carrying around an extra load. Plus, the weight of your growing baby can cause leg muscles to tense and swell. This inflames nearby nerves and can lead to sciatic nerve pain. “Applying mild pressure to your muscle groups helps reduce swelling by stimulating blood flow throughout your body,” says Elaine Stillerman, a licensed massage therapist in New York City.

Beyond relieving tight muscles, there are other advantages of prenatal massage: Studies from the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami suggest that moms-to-be who get a weekly massage have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and higher levels of the feel-good. hormones serotonin and dopamine. Researchers have linked these hormonal changes to fewer childbirth complications, including a 75% reduction in premature births among depressed women. Though you don’t need to be depressed to reap the benefits of massage, another Touch Research Institute study found that pregnant women suffering from depression had significant improvement in mood, as well as decreased anxiety, after receiving a 20-minute massage twice a week.

Massage of a pregnant woman’s tummy must be done carefully. She must not experience any contractions or discomfort. If she starts to feel uncomfortable or starts having contractions STOP immediately.

Backache can be prevented by watching how you sit, walk, and carry your body. Your gravity point shifts, pulling you forward. Don’t over-compensate by leaning back with your shoulders. Rather do a pelvic tilt, so that you back straighten out. Massage the back in long strokes up and down the full length, using your knuckles intermediately, then with the heel of your palm do circular or short staccato movements.

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In these sessions, she will teach the partner how to massage Mommy or the newborn baby.

Stay happy and healthy.