Taste safe sensory play ideas for little ones

Hi there.

My Name is Christy.

Messy Monkey became my brainchild after seeing the positive impact sensory play had on my child from a very young age.

I wanted to make taste safe, sensory play more accessible to the working parent.

First of all, what is sensory play?

Sensory play is any activity that stimulates the use and development of a child’s senses. (Touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste). It is something that keeps children busy for the longest of times, is relatively inexpensive and carries a lot of benefit for them.

Here are a few taste safe ideas for sensory play as well as age recommendations.

Taste safe sensory play ideas:

  • Dyed rice;
  • Dyed pasta;
  • Coloured Spaghetti;
  • Chia seed slime;
  • Playdough;
  • Cloud dough;
  • Homemade kinetic sand;
  • Dyed salt;
  • Homemade paint.

Sensory play recommendations by age:

  • 0-6 months – Sensory bottles, sensory bags and water play (less than 5cm for safety);
  • 6-12 months – All the above plus taste safe baby paint, ice paint on a popsicle stick;
  • 12 months + – All the above plus coloured spaghetti, homemade play dough, taste safe lime, chalk paint;
  • 2 years + – All the above plus coloured rice, dyed pasta, jelly blocks, taste safe kinetic sand, dyed salt etc.

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Article courtesy of Christy Armstrong from Messy Monkey