Pregnancy and Essential oils.

For some people, it can be very hard to decide whether to use essential oils in pregnancy, and there are a wide variety of opinions on the matter. It is important to discuss usage with a medical professional experienced with essential oils and to be judicious with their use.

A few oils that should be avoided during pregnancy include:

  • Sage
  • Idaho Tansy or Hyssop
  • Fennel
  • Wintergreen
  • Blends and supplements that contain these oils.

In addition to avoiding these oils, there are few hard-and-fast rules. As is the case in non-pregnant individuals, essential oil usage is individualized—be sure you are following label directions and working with your health-care provider to know what’s best for you. Some of Young Living’s products are well-loved and well tolerated by pregnant and lactating women.

Here are a few tips:

  • Mild essential oils such as Lavender may be used topically for healthy-looking skin during pregnancy.
  • Frankincense, a favourite oil among EO enthusiasts, can be used once a day as long as it is diluted properly—one drop of Frankincense to one teaspoon of carrier oil or lotion.
  • Clary Sage should be avoided during pregnancy but can be a great aid in the delivery room with the help of your doctor, doula, or midwife.
  • Some oils are safe to use aromatically but not topically (like Lemongrass). Peppermint is a great topical and aromatic oil for pregnant women but should not be taken internally.

If you have never used essential oils and are pregnant, please consult with your health-care provider prior to use. I advise you to start low and go slow. Start with just a few drops of your best essential oils and diffuse in a large area. If you tolerate it well, you may consider applying essential oils to the skin after diluting in V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex or inhaling the oil directly from the bottle.


Mallory P., Young Living Education and Training Team

I experienced severe nausea for about the first 14 weeks of my pregnancy. It started mostly in the afternoon—I don’t know why they call it morning sickness—and would last all night. I had a lot of aversions to smells and different types of food, which made working in an environment that smells like essential oils difficult sometimes. I really tried to stick to using oils that were familiar and fresh. One that really didn’t bother me was Peppermint, used topically or aromatically. I also liked to diffuse Citrus Fresh and Lemongrass oil to help me feel invigorated. Just remember that Lemongrass should not be used topically or orally during pregnancy!

I experienced fatigue and often found it difficult to complete daily tasks. I loved using oils and supplements to support my energy level. I felt like taking Lemon Vitality™ in my water really helped me feel refreshed. I took NingXia Red® on a daily basis, and that really supported my overall energy. I also took MultiGreens* every day and definitely felt a difference. Just remember to consult with your health-care provider before ingesting or using supplements, food products, and oils.

At night, I swore by Tranquil Roll-On because its relaxing smell helped me unwind like nothing else. I just rolled it on the bottoms of my feet each night. I would also take baths at night and put a few drops of Lavender and Frankincense in my bathwater to help me unwind.

For me, something that really helped reduce the severity of morning sickness was exercise. I went to the gym at least 3-4 times a week, even if all I could manage was yoga or a walk. I was trying to have a very fit and healthy pregnancy, so it was important for me to have healthy options on hand at all times. I loved to snack on Slique™ Bars,* pretzels, fruits, and veggies. This way I could avoid all of those pregnancy cravings for junk food. I also made a point to have some sort of protein in the morning—eggs, nuts, or our Pure Protein Complete. It kept me full, especially after a workout.

Delila E., Young Living Promotions Team

NingXia Red has always supported my mind and body’s energy levels. Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve made sure to drink a full serving of NingXia Red as often as possible. In the beginning stages of my pregnancy, I began taking Lemon Vitality internally. That oil really helped keep my tummy happy. I’ve also made sure to take wonderful prenatal vitamins and OmegaGize3*. OmegaGize3 has really helped support normal brain health for me through what some might call “pregnancy brain.”

Hiromi H., Young Living Diamond

There are a few Young Living products I’ve found particularly useful during my pregnancy. The fragrance of Sacred Frankincense helps comfort my spirit when I feel those ordinary anxieties and worries about pregnancy. It’s also a great addition to coconut oil or lotion to rub on my belly and hips to moisturize the growing skin.

I also love NingXia Red. It’s a healthy treat that also gives my body the nutrients it needs as it grows this new addition to my family. Other essential oil-infused supplements I’ve come to rely on are Essentialzymes-4*, MultiGreens*, and OmegaGize3*.

Article courtesy of Dr Lindsey Elmore from Young Living.