Colon Cleansing

Colon Hydrotherapy

Looking at  Emagene’s health tree you will realise that the most important place to start with your health puzzle, is to start with cleansing and detox.

Combining this with the 5 levels of the healing pyramid, you will be cleansing on all 5 important levels.


Cleanse and Detox:

Oh boy. What does this mean?

Your colon is the organ that eliminates toxins and waste from the body. You can compare it to your big black bin outside. When this bin is cleaned regularly there will be space for “new waist” from your bin indoors. If the black bin is overflowing, you can expect a whole lot of bad things.

Your body works in the same way. You need to get rid of the old stuff every day. A buildup in your body can cause strain on your lymphatic system and liver. These are are the cleaning systems in your body, the smaller bin that needs to be emptied into the big bin, or your gut. This also causes a bad environment where microorganisms can grow and multiply and cause illness.

Most people struggle with regular bowel movent. This is why we need to assist the body and do colon cleansing. This is where you start. This is how you invest in your health.

How to start with colon cleansing?

Firstly a health evaluation is recommended, and diet and lifestyle changes are suggested. An important part of colon cleansing is to eliminate unwanted organisms like worms and parasites. You need to kill off parasites by using products formulated to kill parasites and other organisms. Click here to purchased products online. For more information on the subject click here

After you have killed off the parasites you will need a good “broom” to sweep out the unwanted waste. You can use colon cleansing herbs. to purchase products online click here.

For an ultimate colon cleansing program, make use of this 4 to 7 day, specialised fasting program click here (my video) and combine this with colon hydrotherapy OR enemas.

Irrigating your colon doesn’t sound pleasant, but practitioners claim it can provide numerous health benefits like improving digestion and weight loss.

This process will help to eliminate buildup in the layers in your colon. The buildup can cause constipation and autointoxication. You can understand how this old stuff can make you sick. You will be surprised at what could be hiding inside your body all this time. Still think that you don’t have any buildup in your colon. View the Parasites & Worms video on my website. Click here.

Due to Covid restrictions, Colon Hydrotherapy services are not available locally. But I have good news. I will be working with Sister Mouton, to assist you with your cleansing program. Please contact her to asses and initiate your cleansing program.

Who needs colon cleansing?

Most of us do. All of us are exposed to toxins and poor quality food products. Most of us live a very busy life, our bodies do not get the chance to cleanse properly.

After the cleansing and eliminating level, we start to move onto the next level of health.

We need to restore and create balance.

Good health to you.

Article courtesy of Sister Jackie