A brief introduction to iTOVi Scanner.

A brief introduction to iTOVi Scanner.

Everything that exists has a frequency, our bodies are no different.

Our bodies were wonderfully made to function at an optimum frequency level, let’s call it “the wellness line”.

Unfortunately, due to us being exposed to so many different environmental factors, this is sometimes compromised in one way or another.

This device uses skin response and Bluetooth technologies by sending stimuli to induce a response and then matches them to specific essential oils and products (from Young Living, in our case) that your body responds best to at the time of the scan.

It is being used in the U.S extensively with great results and testimonies of success.

By simply holding the device in your hand for 90 seconds, the scan is being done and a summary report is generated.

It is safe to use on everyone, from pregnancy and babies, to even our four-legged friends.

May this tool shed new light on how you can resonate with joy.

You are welcome to contact me for more information or visit the iTOVi website.