5 levels of healing

5 levels of healing

All of us are concerned about our health. This normally falls into two categories. We want to maintain good health or improve our health. To do so we need to consider a few things.

Our health works at different levels. Perhaps we can compare it to puzzle pieces. No single piece can create a picture. You need to complete the puzzle to gain or benefit from it.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt developed a systematic model of healing in the 1980s and has been teaching it to practitioners all over the world.

So here are your puzzle pieces. The 5 levels of healing.

  1. Physical  Body …this is the structures that we can see, touch and measure.

2. Energy Body …this is the electromagnetic force and biophoton (light) fields that our body emits or stores. Did you know that your memories are stored in your biophoton field?

3. Mental Body ….This is where all your life events are recorded and stored. This includes your thoughts, believes and attitudes.

4. Intuitive Body …this is where your intuition or gut feeling is based.

5. Spiritual Body …Individual connection to the divine.

Quite amazing isn’t it !! For more information on the levels of healing, where to start and how to build “your health puzzle” have a look at my website. Sister Jackie

See how you can link each level of the healing tree with each of the levels we just discussed.  

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